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Our world is going through a technological revolution unlike anything human society has ever seen. Our understanding about the order of things will shift as we become a more connected and integrated global society, and I am just someone trying to navigate the uncertainty that will wash over us in the coming years.

A lot will change in the next five, 10, 20, and 50 years, and how the world operates will be vastly different than it does today. That will not only create very real problems that can disrupt life for millions, if not billions around the world, but it will also create existential issues that can destroy any societal foundation our species has to survive.

Balancing it all will be a challenge, and I have hope we can circumvent a very dark future with clear forethought today, but we can only do that if we envision something great—and insert ourselves into that conversation.

Let’s go on that journey together.

Anthony J. Alaniz

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My name is Anthony, and I am an award-winning journalist, columnist, and writer with over a decade of experience writing for a variety of publications that include Car and Driver, Autoweek, Automotive News, and countless others. I’ve extensively written about the automotive industry and technology while covering local, state, and national politics for newspapers.

I hope my eclectic expertise and unique viewpoint can lend to the ongoing conversation about the future and our place in it.

—Thank you!—

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Anthony started The Hopeful Nihilist in 2020. He writes about the intersection of technology, politics, and history in our quickly changing world.